Web / Mobile Apps

We focus on building amazing user experiences that you and your customers would love. In turn, this defines us through professionalism and innovation.

Graphics / Creatives

Beyond just fancy logo, coloreful banners and cursive fonts, we combine gorgeousness and awesomeness to create designs that are intuitive and efficient.

Enpterprise Solutions

You can focus on supporting your buttom-line when we take care of all technology heavy-lifting for you. Your product’s story begins with efficient solution.


And if you want to do the things we do (even better), we don't mind. We offer hands-on personalized learning experienced developed in-house according to industry standard.

Over 2+ dozens projects
completed for happy customers

We execute in time and according to client requirements/scope as agreed upon.

Full responsive

With one code, your website adapt to the device your users are viewing it on. Meaning one less for you to worry about.

Beautiful Design

Truly beautiful design is clutter-free and offers and aesthetically uncomplicated experience. Beautiful design increases the perceived value of your products.



Personalizing your messages will ensure higher conversion rate. By making the customer experience easy, enjoyable and convenient, the result happy returning customers sharing their interactions.

Fullstack Technologies

We are comfortable working with both frontend and backend, meaning we are able to convert your idea into mock-up and wireframes, then into code, then into a product your customers will love.

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If it's never been done before, we do it. If it's broken, we fix it. It's good, we make it better.


Business Perfect

Speedie is a premium online on-demand printing service serving. The design is simple, minimal, and beautiful; while the experience is organically intuitive. With beautifully design blocks of code, we are able to capture a seamless and usable experience for both existing print business to support their bottom-line; and for consumer to make their own designs with minimal graphic design experience before ordering for print.


Our Team

With full compliments of qualified designers and developers, we are committed to providing value-adding professional service.

Vanessa Osagie

Front-end Designer

Edwin Eke

CEO / Manager

Emmanuel Precious

Senior Developer

Chika Ani

Android Developer

Gabriel Eze

UX Lead

Emeka Opene

Web Developer

Roseline Crosswell

Web Developer

Benson Yochanan

Head of Training

Anna Justine

Web Designer

Anthony Yinusa

Web Designer

Godspower Ugboma

Business Training Consultant

Estoria Onyeanu

Business Manager

"None of us is as smart as all of us... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

We design to Wow

Every piece of design gets three responses – yes, no, or WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.


Beautifully perfected

It all begins with the overall design of an entire experience from top to bottom, taking into consideration such diverse factors as interaction design and architecture, the creation of clear taxonomies, copywriting, coordination with designers and programmers, user testing and so on.

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Finding the focus

The key to Wow is the understanding of what the user is looking for and helping them to find it easily by setting a clear path for them to follow. Ultimately, it means thinking Low-leve and writing High-level code; perfectly interpreting client's requirement, the strength of which comes with our experience.

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Our workflow

The process is really just this: Iterate, Iterate, and Iterate.

Creative Vision

Welcome call is how we welcome you to our work space, either remotely or in-person. We will conduct project appraisal, objective definition, and milestone scheduling.

Milestone 1


User interface/experience design. Design of required image assets – icons, banners, etc Frontend design – HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc Backend development – Database, page request handling, etc

Milestone 2


We process is agile; that make it easy for us to update with usable iteration of your project with every milestone. This method ensure that your product comes out perfectly well in the end.

Milestone 3

What our customers say

"Our single most important mission is to make our customers happy."

"They called their printing service Speedie so I decided to put it to "speed" test. I ordered for marketing fliers; 30 minutes later, my order was delivered."
Vivien Ene
Wig-It Nigeria, Port Harcourt
"I enrolled my kids for the Holiday Computer Bootcamp for Kids. After the 1st day, one of my kids said it's boring. On the last day of bootcamp, he did not want it to end."
Happy Mom
Port Harcourt

Some of our products & services

Great companies are built on great products.


Hotel Management System

Keeping an eye on your hotel business can be really difficult. Hotentic automates the entire workflow of your hotel (s) and gives your realtime update on happening across all levels of your business whereever you are in the world.


On-demand Print

If you touched your phone in the right places, it can print any and everything you want it to. Speedie is an online on-demand printing service. With very simple tools, you can design your work online and have it printed and delivered to you in a little as 1 hour.


Technology Consulting

We assist businesses, private and government institutions by enabling them increase productivity, efficiency and revenue using technological solutions. The hallmark of our service is professionalism and timely delivery.


Smart Online School

MAGIQ is an EdTech solution that modularize education at all level of learning. Whether in formal education system of out of school, anyone can acquire quality education online and assessed according to some of the world's best yardstick.


Our pricing is competitive enough to guarantee a happy customer

  • On-demand Printing
  • If traffic is good, you can receive your printed order in 1 hour; else you will receive it within 24 hours after payment is confirmed.
  • We print:
  • Flier, Flex, Posters
  • Large format
  • Letterhead & Business Cards
  • Calendar & Sourvnir Items
  • Anything Printable
  • Order
  • Web Design / Dev
  • With the compliments of expereinced professionals, we can take on any web and mobile app project; for business and personal use
  • We design & code:
  • Websites & Web Apps
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • Desktop & Mobile Games
  • FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech
  • Personalized / Custom Projects
  • Support platform
  • Contact Us
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Whatever your business need is, there's a solution we can provide.
  • Contact us for:
  • Business Websites
  • Online Store / e-Commerce
  • Inventory & Sales Management Solutions
  • Cloud & Online Security Services
  • Professional Training in ICT & Software
  • Contact Us

*We have flexible pricing to meet our customers need without overly emphasizing on the budget. Our singular mission is to onboard one Happy Customer at a time. Our dozens of porfolio is proof that we've been defined by this mandate.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Even if you've got no job to order, just say Hi!

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We are innovators who work together to create simple technology solutions that enable businesses of all sizes. Our solutions addresses challenges in administration, processes, education, and other key economic sectors.

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